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Italian Wine Artisans

My philosophy: SHARING…

You are my partner not my client.


I’ve the romantic dream to allow people in the US to drink the same artisan wine made with the traditional methods for people in Italy, not forcing them to come to Italy and search for it , although is strongly recommended to empower its experience.

Denis Andolfo


Joining wine artisans making their products in the same old way their grandfathers have done centuries ago. Sharing the costs and resources to marketing the US. Coming several times in the US to tell the stories in front of people and helping our partners on the field, not via mail ! Because importers/distributors are our partners not our clients …

Italian Wine Artisans

This is a story of a small and selected group of Italian wine artisans, from VENETO, TUSCANY and MARCHE region.
Those kind of hidden gems you can find only by travelling our hills and lakes by bicycle knocking door to door !
People who love their earth and vineyards like a daughter and produce their wines in the most natural way.
Some of them inherited the tradition from their fathers, others has a 100 years old tradition and some families farmed their fields since the discovery of the Americas.
They joined together to offer you a variety of wines of the most important Italian wine’s region in a single portfolio and share the costs of developing the most important market in the world: NORTH AMERICA.
I’m Denis Andolfo and I’m their shared export manager.
I’m working both by their side, inside their cellars and outside with “you” that are curious and open minded to acquire new products to satisfy your customers and to in
turn fire a curiosity in them each day, as they will do with their clients, to be successful in everyday business competition !

The Wineries

The most clear and untouched product of the hills of Tuscany Maremma

Indigenous wines from Piave, the river who defended Italy during the World War I

All the Romeo and Juliet wines from Verona

Prosecco DOCG Valdobbiadene, the traditional method of making Prosecco from its original hills

A winery born on basaltic Vicenza hills among horses and vineyards