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Cantina De Prà

De Pra Story

The history of Cantina De Pra belongs to that most reknown italian tradition, where “family” means personal passionate commitment and love towards land and work. Everything started in 1959, thanks to its owner, Giuseppe De Pra, aka Bepi by most people. He started producing old farmers style Piave DOC wines. Among which he produces the extremely difficult Raboso (a dialect name for Rageous), Refosco and is one of the few producers of Malanotte DOCG, a kind of Amarone made with Raboso dried and aged grapes.

The wines



An indigenous grape of the Piave river revisited for modern drinkers.

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the ancient “bread” of the farmers during the second world war. The “rageous” grapes though to wine make have been finally tamed and aged 18 months.

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Prosecco sui lieviti Doc

The ancient method to make prosecco when the technology was not providing the Charmat method, yet. Indigenous yeast stays in the bottle until you can open it. Drink it cloudy for an intense flavor, or clear for the more aromatic side.

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Manzoni Moscato Rosè

This is the ready made aperitif !!! but it’s not a blend…this is a real pink grape kind ! no artificial flavors no additives….PURE AND AMAZING, you will not live without it anymore.

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Pinot Grigio Doc

This Pinot Grigio is made in the original land where it has born…close either to the river Piave and the Adriatic sea. THE ORIGINAL.

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A wine which comes form ancient times. Drying Raboso grapes aged for 24 months and blended with 18 months Raboso give life to a “universe” in a glass.

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Prosecco Doc Brut and Extra Dry

The classic style to make a refreshing Prosecco from the original land of the Prosecco province: Treviso. Refreshing and easy as it must be.

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