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Cantine Lenotti

Lenotti Story

100 years ago LENOTTI family owned company start wine production using traditional methods. Now they are one of the best Verona wine cellar and considered the most “natural” producer since they use the lesser sulfites possible in their wines thanks to the high care that start from the vine growing. Then traditional methods are paired with high technology as eletrcto-dialisis used to filter in the most natural way their red wines.

The wines


Bardolino Classico

The pizza wine ! It’s amazing how the same grapes that make Amarone but farmed on lakeshore vineyards make a totally different wine.

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Chiaretto di Bardolino Classico

The most refreshing version of BARDOLINO , with juice resting just few hours on the skins, makes a perfect summer wine for barbecue.

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Valpolicella Classico

Who’s so mad to use 30% of its Ripasso in his Valpolicella?? Lenotti !…but that bring an incredible BOOST to this famous wine.

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Ripasso Classico

Drying skins of Amarone for 120 days rather than just 90 make their sugar charge so high that his Ripasso literally skyrockets the Valpolicella to the stars.

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Amarone Classico

Made like 2000 years ago ancient Romans invented it by mistake: drying grapes for 120 days instead of 90 , fermenting for 2 months and aging at least 4 years not 3…that’s our “standard” version of the KING of the italian red wines.

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The old antique Romans recipe…120 days drying period of the grapes and drop down the  temperature to kill the yeast during the fermentation leaves low alcohol and delicate grape-sugars in the wine.

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Soave Classico

Pure garganega grapes , what else …from the classic Soave zone of the hilly eastern side of Verona province…the most pure and refreshing Soave.

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Colle dei Tigli

A white blend for every day, also the perfect wine by the glass at the bar when you’re waiting for someone and  you don’t wanna order a common Pinot Grigio.

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Rosso Passo

The brother in red of Colle Dei Tigli…an easy to understand wine. It’s like Pizza, i know no one who said “i don’t like it” …it’s the perfect glass for a relaxing end of a working day.

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