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Cantina Ongaresca

Ongaresca Story

A story born from passion of two old friends for horses! Since the 1985 they have the habit to arrange sulinary dinners with friends where food and wine pairings were the main purpose after a long day at work. On the hills surrounding the stables for years they have seen abandoned vineyards. Then in 2006, after years of hard work they finally gathered enough money to buy those vineyards. They look each other in the eyes and said: “let’s try to do wine, not only drink it !” They started restoring the vineyards abandoned since years and still, once they were producing grapes to make wine, they were expoited for quantity not quality. Like adopted daughters, they started a long process of re-education providing love and care. The climate and the breeze in the morning and the evening mantain the vineyards healthy, that’s why they are using less than a half of treatments and are in the organic conversion process.

The wines


Pas Dosè

based on Chardonnay ,adding Pinot Noir , this no added sugar version has 24 month process but aged at least 24/36 more months oxalate the power of the indigenous yeast.

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Pinot Grigio Spumante

The pinot Grigio as you have never tried. Sparkling! Scents and aromas are empowered , pulled out from the bubbles…amazing experience.

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Rosé Menà

The award winner of Merano Wine Festival as the best italian classic method with mainly Pinot Noir
24 months but then aged at least 24/36 more months.

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Pinot Grigio

The old style Pinot Grigio method is meant to be tasted aged at least 12 or more months….after a hard work, everybody needs a rest…also wine .

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